Buckingham Palace
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Buckingham Palace, a world-famous facility rather than London.
Buckingham Palace is known to be the residence of the King of the United Kingdom, but originally it was built in 1703 as a palace of the Duke of Buckingham.
After that, it was bought by the royal family in 1762 and after renovation, it became Buckingham Palace since it was used as a residence of Queen Victoria in 1837.
Since Buckingham Palace is used not only in the royal residence but also in various events of national guest class, the interior is also made luxurious. To the tourists, only the summer season every year, a part of the interior is open to the public.
The attractions of Buckingham Palace are a luxurious appearance seen from the front as well as from April to July every day (from August to March, every two days) the replacement of guards is popular. The guards marching in the plaza in front of the palace are worth seeing with the toy soldiers themselves. However, because it is extremely popular, taking places is difficult. It will be late even one hour before the start time, and it will be behind the row that got heavy. Since the start time differs between Sunday and other days of the week, be sure to check it!

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 St. James's Park Station
 St. James's Park Station
 Green Park Station
 Green Park Station
 Green Park Station
 Hyde Park Corner Station

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View from London Eye

View from The Mall

Plaza in front of the palace

Queen Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace

Tourists come from all over the world

Inside the fence

Palace front guard

There are several entrances to Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria Memorial

Immediately before the change of guards, this is crowded

Impression that guards march in front of you is emotional

March to the Maru direction

In the fence, you can see the substitution formula of the guards

Map around
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Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria Memorial

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